My Dearest Customers,

        I’m so grateful for 5 wonderful years owning and operating PJ’s Boutique!!I’m off to a new adventure and ownership of the boutique is changing as of Sept  28th.  You’ll be happy to know the name and look of the store is not changing.  The new owner will continue with great customer service, current lines as well as new lines.

           It has been so much fun and I’m so appreciative of all the wonderful people and the friendships that I’ve found, and the loyalty of my customers.Please stop by the store before the 28th – I’d love to see you – and you can take advantage of the bargains you’ll find.

           Thank you so very much!


PJ’s Boutique is conveniently located in the eclectic Platt Park neighborhood on Old South Pearl Street in central Denver. Turn a trip to PJ’s into a pleasant afternoon or evening with stops into other unique local merchants, a stroll down the tree-lined streets and an up-close look at the many historical buildings between Buchtel and Jewell Avenues.   Start or finish your trip to PJ’s Boutique with a delicious lunch or dinner at one of the many fantastic restaurants that line the street or meet up with your girlfriends for a coffee or a cocktail.














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